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A Guide To Wearing Jewelry Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Wearing zodiac jewellery has become the ‘new black’ this year, whether you believe in the stars or just want to be trendy. Several ancient societies have believed in the protecting effects of zodiac sign jewellery and considered it as a link between our souls and the sky since ancient times.

Your zodiac is a celebration of your existence and all that you are, not just a representation of your personality, traits, and character. Each zodiac sign is associated with a stone that has purifying and therapeutic properties. Wearing the appropriate zodiac sign jewellery with these stones can help you harness the energy of nature to improve your strengths, combat your weaknesses, and bring out the best in you.

JPHdesign produces a guide for you that explains which stone to wear and how to style it to suit your personality and channel the power of your zodiac:

Aries: The Ambitious Ram

Your ambition fuels you and inspires you to imagine yourself in better situations. Your zest for life and desire for life are unrivalled. Our Aries Double Stone Necklace with Carnelian Drop was designed to assist you in achieving peace and harmony. This beauty will spark your creativity while giving a splash of red to your daily wear, as it is embedded with crushed metal and plated with 22kt gold. Keep it on you if you want to feel your best.

Pisces: The Romantic Fish

Your inventiveness and imagination know no limitations. You enjoy imagining the unimaginable because you know you are capable of achieving your goals. You enjoy beautiful things, which is why you will fall in love with our Soul Of The Fish Pisces Necklace. A 22kt gold dipped link lariat necklace with your solar sign motifs on an enamelled medallion that may be worn three different ways.

Aquarius: The Free-flowing Spirit

Dear water-bearer, you are not only progressive and realistic, but you are also passionate about the issues that matter to you. Lapis Lazuli is your zodiac stone, and it is a purifier of pollutants and poisons. Wear the Eye Got You Necklace with your workwear and the evil eye symbol to keep negativity at bay.

Capricorn: The Charismatic Goat

You were designed for success if you have a stable attitude and a methodical approach to life. The Capricorn Double Stone Necklace has your zodiac stone, Blue Chalcedony, which is thought to promote mental flexibility. This necklace, which features 22kt gold dipped beads and a single pearl, is likely to inspire you to see the world in a new light.

Saggitarius: The Alluring Centaur

You truly understand how to live life by always looking at the broader picture. Not only for you, but also for everyone around you, your positivity is cleaning and rejuvenating. Our All About You Turquoise Earrings, which include your zodiac stone, are fashionable, sophisticated, and ideal for everyday use. Turquoise is known for its ability to clear creative barriers and give a holistic therapeutic impact.

Scorpio: The Mysterious Creature

You enjoy portraying yourself as powerful and larger-than-life. Your self-assurance is endearing, and your loved ones admire your delicacy. With our Soul Of The Scorpion Scorpio Necklace, you may be daring and attractive. This piece of zodiac jewellery, 22kt gold-plated and indicative of your magnetic charisma, is a must-have for you this season and next.

Libra: The Balanced Scale

You stroll into places and light them up with your lively personality and energy, the epitome of calm and poised. Our Libra Double Stone Necklace was created just for you to wear every day. This double-layered necklace, embedded with your zodiac stone – Malachite – will kindle the energy of love and forgiving inside you – even towards yourself.

Virgo: The Darling Maiden

You strive for excellence and value meticulous attention to detail. You are the life of every party and everyone’s favourite. Our Drop Of Amethyst Earrings convey your femininity by encapsulating your aura in the form of zodiac jewellery. Your zodiac stone, amethyst, represents inner power, intuition, and spirituality, and it will keep you looking stylish whenever you wear it.

Leo: The Majestic Lion

As a great leader, you enjoy taking charge and making decisions. You prefer being the centre of attention, and we’ve created the Soul Of The Lion Leo Necklace to help you do just that. The necklace makes a talismanic connection with the Zodiac sign crafted on the gold dipped and enamelled medallions for you to wear on a night out on the town in three different ways.

Cancer: The Soft-Hearted Crab

You are softer on the inside than you appear on the exterior. Your love and compassion for someone you care about knows no bounds. Pink Quartz, your zodiac stone, and Moonstone blend their powers in our Cancer Double Stone Necklace. This piece of zodiac jewellery is designed to motivate you to live joyously and purposefully, and is sure to create a loving environment.

Gemini: The Adventurous Twins

You enjoy having a good time, being spontaneous, and living in the moment. Your zodiac sign represents the duality of everything in our lives, and your personality embodies the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy our Citrine Healing Ring if Citrine is your zodiac stone. Keep this 22kt gold dipped ring on you every day to attract prosperity and enhance self-expression. It’s a gold plated jewel that you’ll never have to take off.

Taurus: The Strong-Willed Bull

You know exactly what you want and aren’t scared to go after it. While your mind is your master, you wish to give in to your heart’s wishes now and then. Our Soul Of The Bull Taurus Necklace is the key to making you feel more powerful and fashionable while on the run. This 22kt gold plated lariat necklace will inspire you to realise your full potential as a gorgeous reminder of your persistence.

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