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Getting Engaged? Time to Send Him Your Wish List!

We’re sure butterflies in your tummy and sensations all over are connected wherever you’re getting married or have already been proposed to, as they should be! After all, you’re about to go on the most exciting adventure of your life. Don’t you think you deserve some presents from your sweetheart now that you’re all prepared to leave it all behind and spend years with him? Given that most guys don’t pick up on subtle clues, why not write him a wish list? That way, he’ll know what you want and you’ll get it. Isn’t this a genuine win-win situation? At least, that’s the case for you.

Wish List Item 1 – Throwing a Celebratory Party

We’re sure you can’t wait to inform all your friends and family that you’ve found your life companion. Why not host a little get-together and enjoy this wonderful moment with them in person, rather than doing it over the telephone or over social networks? We’re confident that your particular somebody would be delighted to comply with your demand.

Wish List Item 2 – Date Nights

Beyond the time you spend preparing for the wedding, there will be several family functions that you must attend as soon as you are engaged. This would imply that there would be no time for each other. You may avoid this predicament by asking your future husband for date evenings on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. This will allow you and your partner to spend some quality time together away from the chaos of life at home.

Wish List Item 3 – A Solo Trip

Why don’t spend a bit of time alone without making the last step with your particular someone, because you’ve already pledged your life to them? You might ask him to organize a single trip to your favorite location for you. Whether you seek solitude or adventure, one thing is certain: spending quality time with yourselves will be more than wonderful!

Wish List Item 4 – An Engagement Ring of Your Choice

If you’ve not received the ring yet, go up and ask him to purchase the engagement ring of your choice. Because you’ll be wearing the ring for the rest of your life, it’s only natural to want a say in its design, as well as the diamond’s colour, cut, and form. Furthermore, if you select the ring, it will almost certainly fit you better. If he says yes, just choose from the many diamond ring styles available online and purchase your order!

Wish List Item 5 – Pick the Honeymoon Destination

If you’re getting married, the possibilities are you’ve already planned your wedding and even your holiday photos! So, tell him everything. He’ll almost certainly like your concept and support it. Even if he doesn’t, you may plan a trip to somewhere you both enjoy and start your adventure with a bang!

While we may not be able to fulfill all of your wishes, we can surely help you choose the perfect engagement ring. Our staff at jphdesign knows the importance of jewelry not just from a fashion standpoint, but also from the emotional worth it holds for a bride-to-be. As a result, we go to great lengths to present you with a unique selection of jewellery, particularly those associated with your wedding ceremony – from diamond jewelry to couple bands, Mangalsutra to earrings, and more! jphdesign Bridal Jewellery Collection features intricate designs, superb craftsmanship, and the use of pure gold, brilliant diamonds, and precious gemstones.

Do couples pick out engagement rings together?

Yes! Except if the bride or groom just wants their ring to be a surprise, it is becoming more common for couples to select engagement rings and wedding bands together. This not only becomes a romantic endeavor for the couple, but it also ensures that all sides have a voice in the designs, making the rings much more appealing.

How to find engagement ring designs online?

While many new couples turn to Pinterest to find intriguing engagement ring ideas, you can also rely on jphdesign stunning variety of engagement rings. For what it’s worth, the website also has some lovely ideas for engagement rings!

What is the most popular diamond for engagement rings?

The round brilliant cut is the diamond that is exceedingly popular for engagement rings, and not without some compelling reasons. Right from the round shape helping it reflect more light to its unmatched sparkle and sheen, a round-cut diamond offers all that a bride-to-be desires. While it is more on the expensive side due to the labor-intensive process of cutting and shaping, its sheer glitter makes up for its price; not to mention the indelible smile it brings to the face of the wearer!

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