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How To Choosing The Right Ring In 2022

The ideal dream is to get a ring that fits perfectly, but many people get it wrong, especially when buying online. JPH Design’s ring sizer will assist you in making the optimal decision every time. Shopping online with JPH Design is simple and enjoyable, whether you’re looking for a thin gold band or a gem-studded eternity ring.

When you’ve found the ring you like on our website but aren’t sure of your ring size, simply select “Don’t know your ring size” and enter your address and contact information to have a free and convenient ring sizer brought to your door.

After receiving your order, you can try on the various ring sizes on the ring sizer on the finger of your choice. This is the ring for you if it fits you snugly, not too tight or too loose. Take note of the numbers engraved on the ring marker, such as India Size 7, which is 1.51cm in diameter and is equivalent to a US Size 4 1/4. To place an order on our website, dial these numbers.

We also have a few pointers for your next shopping trip. If a ring with broadband appeals to you, go up a size, and keep in mind that, as with all wearable products, sizes vary by nation, so double-check the stated possibilities.

The first option is to choose an existing ring that is a perfect fit for you. The ring should be snug on the wearer’s finger and not slip down with movement. Place this ring against a ruler to determine the inner diameter, which can be expressed in centimeters or inches. Check your measurement against the table below, and you’re done! It is now time to go shopping. Choose your favorite ring from our large selection of rings.

The second method for determining your ideal ring size is just as simple. Ring collectors may want to print out the ring chart below to make their evening buying sprees even easier. This chart, when printed on an A4 sheet of paper, can be used as a quick and easy way to determine your ring size. Simply set an existing ring that fits you precisely on the circle that matches you the best.

Your optimal ring size is when the inner lines of your ring merge with the outer line of the circle. If you’re in doubt about which size to get, go for the bigger one. However, JPH Design is recognised for custom-made jewellery, so if you need a specific size or style, contact us.

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