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How to Select the Correct Jewelry for Your Face Shape

Every woman is endowed with a distinct set of characteristics that distinguishes her from the crowd. No two looks are alike, from a gorgeous heart-shaped face to mesmerising eyes to dramatic cheekbones. So, why should we all wear the same kind of jewellery? Choosing jewellery that complements your face shape draws attention to your characteristics and enhances your appearance. In comparison to a heart-shaped face, a diamond-shaped face compliments jewellery in a different way. To bring out the sparkling diva in you, learn which jewellery designs and styles are best for particular facial shapes.

Oval Face

Women with oval faces should choose jewellery that is the polar opposite of what is recommended for round-faced women. Earrings for an oval face will help to balance out the length of your face. The ideal earrings for oval faces are wide chandeliers, earrings that widen at the bottom, circles, curves, and huge studs. Furthermore, on oval faces, oval and teardrop designs look fantastic.

Step out in style with our Spectacular Silver and Gold Studs. The eye-catching arrangement features a stunning emerald set in 18k gold stalks at the centre. The beautiful sapphire drops strewn throughout the silver leaves will make you the evening’s show-stopper. Iconoclastic Gold Danglers are a good choice if you like contemporary patterns. Handcrafted in excellent 18k gold, the honeycomb motifs include asymmetrical circlets encircled by a hive-like design. Furthermore, the intelligent use of negative spaces will perfectly suit your classic oval face and accentuate those beautiful features.

Round Face

If you want to wear earrings with a round face form, choose dangling designs. Long ornaments that create the illusion of length might help to lengthen a round face. If you have a round face, lengthy earrings will help to lengthen it. Earrings that hang below your chin are ideal, but avoid broader chandeliers or spherical dangles, as they will clash with your shape. Maintain a slender appearance.

For a touch of beauty and simplicity, try our Enchanting Coral and Ruby Drops. Beads and tear droplets are set in 18k gold frames in these stunning danglers. Flirty Golden Topaz and Amethyst Danglers can also be worn with a cocktail dress or evening gown. The muted beads are enclosed in 18k gold and have unequal lengths, making it the ideal accent for your evening activities.

Rectangular Face

An oval face with a strong, angular jawline is known as a rectangle face. The key to accessorising a rectangular face is to use rounded decorations to soften the bone structure. If you have a rectangular face, search for earrings that have some curves. Wide circles, teardrops, and curves are all things to look for. Wide shapes with sharp lines and corners should be avoided. Look for hoops, extended bits, and dangling pieces.

Choose Iridescent Multi-hued Danglers to add a flawless marquise of multi-hued sapphires to your ensemble. It’ll become a staple in your evening wardrobe thanks to its stunning 18k circular gold frame and lovely flower pattern. Beguiling Pearl, Gold, and Silver Earrings are also available in sterling silver. A whimsical sailor’s knot cradles a magnificent pearl and is covered in 18k gold wires. These danglers will draw attention to your best features and keep the comments coming!

Heart-Shaped Face

A broad forehead and a pointed chin are characteristic features of a heart-shaped face. Look for earrings with elongated curves to balance a heart-shaped face. Your best chance is to go with dangles, chandeliers, and teardrops.
With our Lightweight Gold and Ruby Drops, you can draw attention to your heart-shaped face. Its simple design, coated in 18k yellow gold, makes it the ideal complement to ethnic or modern outfits. Furthermore, the stunning contrast between the muted gold frame and the vivid rubies will ensure that all eyes are on you. Emerald and Ruby Dainty Drops set in 18k yellow gold are also available. This masterwork is an all-time classic due to its current design.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Statement cheekbones are a must-have for women with diamond-shaped faces. They typically have a tiny forehead and a pointed chin, as well as high cheekbones, which emphasise their facial characteristics. Furthermore, because diamond-shaped faces have a lot of adversity, most earring styles complement them. Wide-bottom chandeliers, curves, extended dangles, and teardrop designs are all good choices.

Our Artistic Citrine and Emerald Bead Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold will bring out the tribal goddess in you. Enchanting citrine teardrops with a cut work floral motif adorn the thin 18k gold sheets. The contrasting emerald beads give this modern design a breath of fresh air. Quirky Rice Pearl Gold Danglers threaded with 18k gold wires are another option. These wacky earrings give a formal outfit a playful twist.

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