You are currently viewing Indian women love jewellery sets – and here are our top picks

Indian women love jewellery sets – and here are our top picks

Many decades have passed since the association between jewellery set designs and Indian ladies was established. Jewellery has been passed down to us over several generations. We frequently witness families wearing heirlooms of their most valuable gems that have sentimental significance or who are attempting to uphold a family heritage. The designs of these jewellery sets are then passed down to subsequent generations in order for them to grasp their worth. Jewellery set designs in Indian culture have far more significance than the gold and diamonds used in them. Jewellery set designs are not only a symbol of grandeur and royalty, but they also have an emotional value. The pride in wearing something that will be passed down to future generations is too important in and of itself. Women used to wear jewellery set designs back when India was controlled by many kingdoms since they were meant to enhance the wearer’s appearance. ‘Shringaar’ was the name given to the process of getting ready. Getting gemstones, diamonds, gold, and silver back then were just too difficult.

However, when we progressed into the contemporary era, we discovered that wearing such expensive jewellery put us in danger. Furthermore, wearing this jewellery on a regular basis was impossible. As a result, we at Blingvine came through with our outstanding research team and identified solutions to some of the issues. We discovered that trendy jewellery is the solution you’re looking for. We found the most fashionable and high-quality jewellery set designs for you to peruse. Don’t worry, ladies; we’ll make sure everything is taken care of. Every woman will find something unique and eye-catching in our store.

We provide all of the current season’s trendiest styles at reasonable costs.

So, who’s with us to get their hands on some high-end trendy jewellery while also saving money?

Here are our top five selections that you can wear everywhere and still look amazing!

  1. Meenakari Necklace Set 

Meenakari necklace set is a necklace style that has lasted through centuries and hasn’t lost its appeal.

From the Rajput empire to the Marathas, this necklace has a lengthy and illustrious history that makes it particularly unique. This necklace-type has each piece of jewellery loaded with colour down to the tiniest detail, making the entire necklace highly beautiful and so enhancing the wearer’s beauty. This necklace is made out of strong base metals, which make it incredibly solid; also, the jewels stay on top of the necklace, giving it a regal and beautiful appearance.

  1. American Diamond Necklace Set

Diamonds have long been the focal point of fashion jewellery design sets. Diamonds are used to add a feather to a cap whenever someone wishes to express their profound sentiments of love, desire, and caring. We need you to go away from those jewels that cost a fortune. Allow us to introduce you to the world of American diamond jewellery sets. They are constructed of cubic zirconia, a synthetic substance, and merely serve to represent the real ones. It has its allure. They have a brilliant, lustrous sheen to them, and they look great with lehengas and party dresses.

  1. Pearl Necklace Set

Pearls are timeless until they are no longer fashionable. The pearl jewellery set would raise the status of any lady who wore it, as well as the outfit she chose to wear. We see references to it throughout history, and even in present times. Red carpets, by the way, are usually adorned by someone walking in their necks. As a result, you should be aware that they are constantly the talk of the town. Pearl is the ideal way to go when your ensemble screams elegance, majesty, and beauty. We’re sure you wouldn’t be able to choose just one item from Blingvine’s assortment.

  1. Gold Plated Choker Set

“I have enough jewellery, said no one ever,” was an adage I heard when I was still in college. That is precisely what occurs with gold. It’s a heart thief who has fallen from the sky. However, because it is also quite expensive, why not switch to gold-plated necklaces? Don’t worry, we won’t make a fool of you because we understand how suspicious people maybe when the talk is gold. Just to let you in on a few secrets, when you do a fantastic job of gold plating, utilise the best technology, and do the job correctly, you can create a certain level of brightness that is dazzling to everyone’s eyes.

  1. Gemstone Necklace Set 

If there is one thing that the world loves more than diamonds and gold, it is gemstones. With each form of jewellery set design, they may enhance their presence. Their colour, form, and gleam all work together to cast a spell on anybody who sees them even once. Some of the most fascinating gemstones include red rubies, green emeralds, and sapphire blues. It was formerly believed that each gemstone contained the ability to alter people’s emotions. Whether it’s a myth or not, they have our gratitude. It’s a statement buzz that’s out of this world. So, if you’re wondering why you don’t have this in your wardrobe, the answer is simple.

A captivating array of necklaces that will take your breath away in the most spectacular way possible.

Here are some of our honourable mentions from Blingvine; be sure to check out our online shop for more.

They’ve got you covered for any situation. You will have a variety of options to choose from here!

Pro tip: Buy one at a time or go completely insane like we did! I wish you all the best of luck with your shopping.

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