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Jewellery Trends For 2022

With the new year approaching, make sure to get a head start on jewellery trends for 2022! Here are the strong hitters we anticipate to see next year!

Stackable Band Rings

Ring stacks aren’t going away anytime soon; in fact, as one of the top jewellery trends for 2022, we predict it to grow in popularity. Stacking rings have been popular for some years, and you can anticipate them to continue to be popular in the future.

Gold Vermeil Chains

Gold vermeil is a massive trend that will remain for a long time. Gold vermeil is a thicker sort of coating that looks like gold but doesn’t cost as much. It’s a terrific option for your low-budget clientele. Most stylish chains are already available in vermeil, so it’ll be another hot jewellery style in 2022.

Karat Gold Hoops

These best-selling items are flying off the shelves! Gold hoops are popular because of their appearance and feel, especially if they are carat gold. This artistic element is likely to survive far beyond 2022 – and maybe even 2023.

A Mix of Thick and Thin Chains

While many individuals like heavy chains, tiny chains have their place as well. As a result, we anticipate a return of thin chains. Keep in mind that this does not rule out the use of thick chains; rather, they will be blended in with this trend.

Engraved Coin Necklaces

Who doesn’t appreciate a well-crafted coin necklace? Coin necklaces are expected to resurface as one of the primary jewellery trends for 2022, especially with all the layering that occurs throughout the winter months.

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