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Silk Thread Jewellery DIY Tips

Fashion trends come and go, but Indian jewellery is always in style. Silk Thread Jewellery is one of the most popular Indian jewellery trends. This sort of jewellery is appropriate for any occasion. Many women are ditching their various forms of western and traditional jewellery in favour of Silk Thread Jewellery. You may wear these pieces of jewellery with nearly any outfit. It pairs well with ethnic, fusion, indo-western, and most western ensembles.

Women are interested in not just acquiring Silk Thread Jewellery, but also in learning how these gorgeous jewellery items are created. Even some DIY-loving women are getting into the act of repurposing their old jewellery with silk threads. So, in this article, we’ll show you how to make Silk Thread Jewellery at home, and you’re going to enjoy it.

Silk Thread Earrings

Silk thread earrings are a must-have for women who enjoy wearing Indian jewellery. Due to their small weight, they are very easy to carry and look stunning with no makeup.

Fabric glue, a pair of scissors, decorative things, and embellishments of your choice. Silk thread (the colour you prefer), hanging loops (you may also use your broken earrings), fabric glue, decorative items, and embellishments of your choice.

  • Take few strands of silk thread and measure the desired length.
  • One end should be glued and tied. Then secure it to the loop that hangs from the ceiling. Now you can decorate it however you want.
  • You can also use silk thread and embellishments to make new earrings out of old ones. Take an old pair of earrings and wrap the silk thread around them. Then, to make them more appealing, add stones or other decorative things.

Note – 

  • When all of the necessary materials are kept handy and organised before pressing the start button, jewellery design becomes cool.
  • To get the silk thread wrapped and glued correctly, you’ll need patience and focus.
  • Use light-weight embellishments and glue them in position correctly, being sure to let the glue dry.

Silk Thread Necklace

Let’s attempt a silk thread necklace, which is a common item of jewellery that may be used to enhance your appearance. You may make a basic necklace to use with your casual clothing, or you can embellish your silk thread necklace with little charms to give it a more desi glam look.

Silk thread (your choice of colour), fabric adhesive, loops, adjustable dori, scissors, pearls, stone chains, decorations, and kundan stones

  • Now that the necklace’s foundation is complete, link the loops on both ends.
  • Then use braid to secure the adjustable dori.
  • Pearls or other embellishments of your choice can be added to the necklace’s foundation.

Silk Thread Bangles

These bangles are stunning. You can make bangles that are all the same colour, multicoloured, or colour coordinated with your particular outfits.

Silk thread, plain bangles, fabric adhesive, pearls, stones, beads, fabric lace, and scissors (colours of your choice).

  • To begin, gather a few strands of silk thread and glue them together at the end for a secure hold and a neat finish.
  • Apply some glue to the bangle’s beginning point on the inner side. Begin encircling the bangle, keeping the threads taut and aligned.
  • Apply the glue and apply pressure to the bracelet after you’ve finished wrapping it in silk thread.

These are just a few easy DIY Silk Thread Jewellery design ideas. Once you’ve mastered these simple DIYs, you’ll be able to make jewellery in a variety of ways. Different types of decorations can be used to create distinctive designs. And believe me when I say that these jewellery pieces are constantly in style to spice up your everyday outfits.

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