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Top 10 Jewellery Blogs in India for Trend Setters

Are you a collector of various types of jewellery? Do you like to make new trends with your incredible fashion statements? With our new collection of jewellery blogs authored and managed by India’s best jewellery bloggers, we might be able to help you scale up your fashion statement. Whether you’re considering starting your own jewellery blog or purchasing a new piece of jewellery this holiday season, read this article to learn more about current trends.

What is a jewellery blog?

A jewellery blog is a personal blog dedicated to various types of jewellery, including pricing, availability, store information, and so on. These blogs, on the other hand, can be controlled by one or multiple writers. It occasionally covers themes such as beauty, celebrity lifestyles, influencer marketing initiatives, fashion week updates, and many more. If you’re thinking about starting your own jewellery blog, this article can be helpful in terms of jewellery fashion trends.

List of Top 10 Jewellery Blogs

1. JPH Design:

JPH Design is a well known Jewellery Wholesaler In Kolkata since 2018. We have the expert designer and hundreds of latest Jewellery models. Now we deliver our products to all over the India according to the consumers need and requirements.

Antique jewellery, Kundan jewellery, Indo-western jewellery, Designer jewellery, and Western jewellery are all available via the organisation.


This site covers not just jewellery but also fashion trends, gifting ideas for various holidays, and so on. Do you realise that your jewellery style reveals a lot about your personality? You can learn more about it if you read Voylla’s many blogs. You may keep ahead of your friends when it comes to intriguing present ideas and making a fashion statement with them. They also sell unique jewellers for both men and women, with prices beginning at Rupees 199/-.


This is another well-known jewellery site on our list that offers a variety of unusual jewelry-wearing ideas. If you enjoy coloured diamonds or need a good jewellery purchasing guidance, this is the blog to visit. Not only will you learn about Rajkot Gold Bangles and how to wear a tushie necklace there. If you want to give your loved one the right piece for their anniversary, check out their Stylery articles.


Hazoorilal is a jeweller with over 68 years of family expertise dealing with valuable pieces of jewellery, importing and exporting, and valuing heritage, among other things. This brand was created in 947 by Shri Hazoorilal Narang. You may learn more about their jewellery and how to wear classic items by visiting their blog. You may also shop their gold, diamond, and polka jewellery collections. The jewellery has been published in many fashion publications in India because of its distinctiveness.


Johan’s jewellery blog is another must-read Indian jewellery site that covers a variety of stylistic issues like as diverse wedding band ideas and unusual anniversary presents, among other things. If you are a gemstone enthusiast, their writings may also assist you locate alternative perspectives with a diversity of ideas.


If you’re stumped on how to combine your bangles, neckpiece, tiara, and other jewellery with your party lehenga, For fresh new ideas, check out Anuradha’s jewellery blog. You may learn about the current jewellery trends, how to style your saree with little pieces of jewellery, how to pick the appropriate maang tikka, must-have pendants for any event, and thousands of other fun styling ideas with various pieces of jewellery.


If you’re infatuated with bridal lehengas or bride-like Benarasi sarees, or if you’re wondering how to get ready for your best friend’s wedding party so that no one can take their gaze away from you, check out this site. It covers a variety of hot subjects such as heirloom jewellery for antique weddings, how to combine floral jewellery, and which polka or Kundan to select, among others. Their skilled style bloggers can help you amp up your style statement.


Mellora’s unique writings are a must-read if you want to learn more about the art of daily fashion. You may have noticed your favourite actor Sharadha Kapoor advertising Mellora jewellery, and while it is tempting, you may purchase your favourite items directly from the site.


Prernaa Makhariaa founded this blog in 2002. Coming from a Marwari family, she has always loved jewellery, which led her to pursue formal education in Jewelry Designing, Graduate Diamonds, Gemology, Pearl Grading, AJP, and Jewelry Manufacturing from GIA, GII, and SNDT. She also has years of experience working for renowned jewellery brands. Prernaa is a renowned jewellery blogger in India that you should follow if you want to stay up to speed on the newest fashion and jewellery news.


Sunny’s diamond blog is another wonderful Indian jewellery site on our list that will show you how to wear your old jewellery items in new ways. You should read Sunny’s articles if you wish to be party-ready with your ordinary bangles or neckpiece. Every month, his hand-picked articles will provide all the required news and updates on the newest trends, the finest shops to buy gifts, future deals and discounts, and so on.

How to start your own jewellery blog?

Do you want to start profiting from your jewellery blog? To get started with your jewellery blog right away, follow these simple steps:

Step 1# Setup your own website

To get started with your own jewellery blog, check out several free website building applications. If you follow the instructions and watch some “how-to” videos, you can quickly set up your own blog with little technical skills.

Step 2# Choose a proper theme

One of the most significant aspects of starting a jewellery blog is selecting the right theme. Also, make sure your blog is mobile compatible, since most consumers like to read them on their smartphones. Choose a subject that reflects your personality as a jewellery blogger and combines your love of jewellery and fashion.

Step 3# Start telling stories with your own voice

As a jewellery blogger, you must guarantee that your viewers have a clear understanding of your interests. You must come to tell tales with a personal touch in order to assist your readers with their style and jewelry-related questions. Try checking up the most popular terms to see what others are looking for.

Step 4# Spread message over social media platforms

Use social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to spread the word about your blog and let others know about it. Solicit their email addresses so that they may receive periodic updates once you post your posts. Tell people about your blog and how it may benefit them if you have your own YouTube channel.

Step 5# Collaborate with other bloggers

You may organise a partnership with other jewellery or lifestyle bloggers through an interview, which you can then post on your site. It would provide a new depth to your site and attract new readers from your target group.

Step 6# Monetize your blog

There are several ways to monetise your blog, and you may start with one or a mix of them. You may do affiliate marketing, sell e-books, rent advertising space, and so on.

Step 7# Let bands know you are up for collaboration

There are several methods to monetise your blog; you may start with one or a mix of them. You may do affiliate marketing, sell e-books, rent ad space, and so on.

How jewellery bloggers can help endorse your brand

If you’re a fashion or lifestyle blogger, you’re well aware of the current influencer marketing trends. If you’re thinking about getting into the jewellery industry and want to reach out to the proper people, you’ll need some solid marketing ideas. You may connect with India’s best jewellery bloggers, who will spread the word about your business to their own audience.

Make sure your brand’s objective and the influencers’ content approach are on the same page before recruiting notable influencers for your business. If you want to promote your jewellery company, for example, we recommend working with fashion and lifestyle influencers rather than food bloggers or health and fitness influencers.

Plan a strategy around your marketing objectives, and employ an influencer marketing agency for more help. Before you hire jewellery influencers for your campaign, keep a close check on your budget. Examine the influencers’ content strategy, reach in the previous month (or week), frequency of publishing material, audience quality, and so on, in addition to their number of followers. An expert influencer marketing platform can help you choose the right influencers to help your company get traction.

Where to find famous jewellery bloggers?

If you’re seeking for the top jewellery bloggers in India, reach out to InfluGlue, India’s premier influencer marketing firm, which has years of expertise managing influencer marketing campaigns for well-known companies such as McDowell’s Number 1, The Tribe Concepts, Edvoy, Supply 6, and others. We have a large database of well-known bloggers and influencers in many categories from which we will hand-pick appropriate profiles for your campaign.

Our team of influencer marketers will work with you to create an exceptional campaign that meets your marketing objectives while staying on schedule. We are dedicated to offering the best influencer marketing services possible while staying within your budget. So, if you’re considering influencer marketing services or consulting, reach out to us right now!

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