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Top 9 Fashion Suggestions For A Navratri Look In 2022

Navratri is a celebration of purity, bliss, and extreme prosperity that purges all negativity from your life and replaces it with happiness and smiles. It’s time to reintroduce Goddess Durga and rejoice in her presence. Every event in India has its own distinct style quotient. So, whether it’s stylish, subtle, or over-the-top, it’s time to rejuvenate Navratri’s style by savouring every single day of the festival.

When it comes to styling and appreciating Indian jewels, Navratri’s holiday has a lot to offer, from heavily embroidered ethnic jewellery to bold-coloured jewellery.

To assist you to decide on your Navratri outfit, we’ve compiled a list of hot suggestions that will help you steal the show and nail the look like no one else!

DAY 1 – Muted shades

Begin your Navratri celebrations with soft, muted hues! Choose oxidised silver jewellery with minimal ornamentation and muted colours for this evening. This type of jewellery can assist you obtain rich Indian traditionalism with modest Jhumkas and boho-chic necklaces sunk in hushed grey hues, in addition to delineating a delicate style.

DAY 2- Orange is Lit

Warmth, energy, and enthusiasm are all conveyed by the colour orange. Orange is a bold and colourful colour that can help you add some zing to your Navratri outfit. You don’t have to wear all-orange clothing to get this vibrant shade; simply select complementary jewellery with rich orange colours. Long danglers, elegant necklaces, or massive rings would be ideal for a Navratri ensemble.

Day 3 – Embrace Those Whites

When in doubt, go for whites to balance out the brights. On the third day, light-colored jewellery is a great choice! When coupled with white or cream pearl jewellery, a heavy lehenga, vibrant saree, or Anarkali outfit looks magnificent. Pick some white stone jewellery to decorate the minute features of your plain-looking attire to add some additional brightness.

DAY 4- Stay Fierce in Red

Red is a colour associated with strong emotions such as rage, adventure, and love. When it comes to Navratri, the celebration isn’t complete without a splash of bright crimson. Red is a fantastic colour for drawing attention to your outfit and the gorgeous characteristics of your face, from red pearl danglers and red stone rings to hefty necklaces and Maang Tikkas. Wear a bright colour like red to stay powerful and bold!

DAY 5- Blue Hues

Wear some unique jewellery dipped in the rich royal blue colours to provide a hint of extreme grandeur and elegance to your Navratri outfit. Pair a maxi dress with a royal blue Jhumka to amp up the drama. You can also add some thick necklaces, classic bangles, and gleaming rings to your ensemble to make it stand out like never before.

DAY 6 -Green is the Best!

Instead of white, grey, red, and blue, consider jewellery dipped in the colours or rich green colour, which will enhance the Navratri sentiments like no other. Green is thought to bring good luck and prosperity, so choose heavy green jewellery, such as minimal studs, pendants, and chokers, to complete your Navratri style.

DAY 7 – Turn on the Warmth with Yellow

Enlightenment, creativity, and happiness are all associated with the colour yellow. Wear some extravagant jewellery pieces tracing the richness of golden colour to enliven and highlight your Navratri style. Pick some bright yellow Jhumkas, Necklaces, or Maang Tikkas to accent and complete your lehenga, saree, and kurta embellishments.

DAY 8 – Chic-a-Pink

Wear some profound jewellery pieces dipped in the unique pink colours to add grace to your feminine ensemble. Wear pinkish jewellery items that express acute exoticism to add enticing visual intrigue to your Navratri outfit, since pink denotes harmony, serenity, and profound affection.

DAY 9- Sparkle in Purple

Purple is an opulent colour that symbolises wealth, power, and monarchy. Wear flower motif jewellery patterns that trace the elegance of your attire to bring on the purple tones this festival. Traditional necklaces and earrings define your neckline, face features, and attire elegantly, adding a touch of glitter.

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