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7 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Every lady enjoys and takes pride in having a great jewellery collection. If you want to keep the lustre and brightness of your jewellery, whether it’s your engagement ring or the gorgeous pearl jewellery that your kid bought for you with his first paycheck, you’ll need to preserve it carefully. Jewellery that is stored haphazardly might be damaged or even lost accidentally. Continue reading to learn about some innovative yet practical ways to organise your jewellery.

Store it in a Drawer

Drawers aren’t just for dresses and delicates; they may also be used to keep your delicate and valuable jewellery. To avoid laceration, cover the drawers with velvet cloth or another soft material. This will not only offer you a sophisticated style, but the contrast will also make it easier for you to pick out your jewellery in a flash. Say goodbye to mismatched earrings, tangled necklaces, and bangles that have gone lost!


Consider how you search for jewellery and how you may organise your collection accordingly. You can separate them into casual and formal wear categories or categorise them by colour range. It is entirely up to you to decide. Stacking comparable pieces of jewellery together will make your life a lot easier. You can keep your little rings in one box and your studs in the other. You’ll be able to readily locate your jewellery this way.

Prioritise you Daily-Wear

Place your everyday clothing in a shallow bowl or a decorative tray on your bedroom tabletop to make every day easier. This way, you won’t have to dig through your jewellery box in the morning to find your favourite ring.

Protect Your Precious Beauties

Whether your jewellery is valuable in monetary or sentimental terms, it’s still crucial to keep your most costly gems and jewellery secure and organised for special events. Make sure your exquisite decorations, from stunning emerald earrings to that majestic ruby necklace, are stored separately to minimise laceration. If you have a vanity or a dresser, you can keep these earrings in little jewellery boxes or drawstring jewellery bags. They should be stored in a cool, dry location to avoid oxidation.

Pin it On the Wall

Hang your necklaces individually on the wall to take advantage of the unused potential of walls and avoid clutter. To fit those wacky, colourful necklaces, you can buy a ready-made wall hanger or strategically arrange some pushpins on your dressing room wall. Paint, patterned fabric, and hooks can also be used to personalise your jewellery cabinet. It can accommodate your necklaces, earrings, and stacks of bracelets. However, displaying your pricey jewellery that is articulated with precious stones and metal is not a good idea. It can discolour the piece of jewellery and make it more likely to be misplaced.

Stack Them Up

By stacking your jewellery, you can avoid damage, underuse, and loss. Experiment with different stacking options. You can purchase a basic earring holder and hang your earrings via the hooks. If you enjoy creating and tinkering, try making an earring caddy out of chicken wire. You can store your favourite dangly earrings in an antique frame that has been laying around.

You can use elegant vases to hold your bracelets and bangles. A well-organized arrangement of these vases will lend an artistic touch to your space while also being easily accessible. Another environmentally responsible option is to upcycle those unused glass bottles in your kitchen. Stack your bangles and bracelets with them. The bottles will have a distinctive glass design that will add to the aesthetic appeal.

Take the Twig-Sted Approach

It’s best to hang your necklaces individually to reduce clutter. Nail a medium-sized twig to the wall and hang your necklaces there for an easy and unusual method to display them. You can spray paint it any colour you choose to add a splash of colour to your space.

You won’t have to worry about chains becoming tangled or only having one earring from a pair if you use these easy yet creative methods. Check out our proven checklist of things to bear in mind if you’re intending to buy some jewellery. Gehna is a place where you may find wonderful jewellery that is handcrafted to perfection according to your tastes and needs. Make a statement and create a lasting impression everywhere you go!

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